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We appreciate you may want to access a service not linked to your child’s school and this is possible provided you organise / pay for transport.

Out of School Care Service locations and linked schools

Term Time Services Operate Mon – Fri 3.00pm – 6.00pm

abronhillAbronhill CE Centre Tel: 07796 145 622 (Whitelees + St Lucy’s + Abronhill)

BROOMPARKBroompark Centre Tel: 07980 214 177 (St. Patrick’s + Denny + Nethermains) - Holiday cover depending on demand

chrystonChryston High School Tel: 07796 145 623 (Chryston + St Barbara’s)

Colquhoun Primary Huts Tel: 07796 145 621 (CoCOLQUHOUNlquhoun + Westerton)

condorratCondorrat Primary Tel: 07796 145 624 (Condorrat + Westfield)

croyHoly Cross Primary Tel: 07796 145 625 (Holy Cross + Eastfield)

DENNYLOANArchibald Russell Centre Tel: 07880 723 763 (Head of Muir)

kildrumYMCA/YWCA Centre Kildrum Tel: 01236 721382  (St Margaret’s of Scotland + Carbrain + Kildrum + St. Andrews + Cumbernauld + Ravenswood + St Mary’s) -Transport available to all local schools during term time

lenzieLenzie Moss Primary Tel: 07796 145 626 (Lenzie Moss + Lenzie Primary)

moodiesburnPivot CE Centre Tel: 07796 145 627 (St Michael’s + Glenmanor)

MOTHERWELLDaisy Park Centre Tel; 07824 804 693 (Catherdral, Calder, Glencairn, Ladywell)

PETERSBURNSt Dominic’s Primary Tel: 07825 173 338 (St Dominic’s + Petersburn + Dunrobin)  

THRASHBUSHSt Serfs Primary Huts Tel: 07824 486 221 (Clarkston + Golfhill + St Andrews + St Serfs)

Holiday cover depending on demand

 Term Time Early Bird Services available Mon – Fri 7.30am – 9.00am

Kildrum; Lenzie; Broompark; Dennyloanhead; 

Mid Term, Inset, October, Easter & Summer Day Camp Services available

Mon – Fri 7.30am – 6.00pm

Kildrum & Lenzie & Broompark

N.B. Broompark Holiday Service is not guaranteed and hours of opening may be restricted


TK2 a unique service for older children aged 11 – 16yrs – Serves 4 local High schools

Kildrum Learning Centre Tel: 721382 Call for details

Full-Time, Part-Time, Occasional, Full Day Inset & School Holiday Places Available 

We operate an equal opportunities policy and provide an inclusive service for children.

We offer or provide access to a full service for all bases.

(reviewed 16 March 2012)


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We offer assisted places for families on low income, who cannot access childcare tax credits or who find themselves in need of emergency childcare.

If you or someone you know is in this position and you think we can assist, please contact us in confidence.

Our staff team is vetted in line with YMCA, Disclosure Scotland. Care Commission and Social Services register requirements.