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Organisation: YMCA Scotland
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Info: YMCA Scotland is the headquarters organisation for all the YMCAs across Scotland.
Organisation: YWCA Scotland - The Young Women's Movement.
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Info: The YWCA Scotland is unique in being part of a national and international organisation which delivers services locally, with a single gender focus, mainly in marginalised communities. Our values are social justice and inclusion, equality of opportunity and openness.
Organisation: YMCA England
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We represent over 140 YMCAs supporting young people at every stage of their lives.  From providing housing, training and community health and fitness facilities to supporting young people and their families, YMCAs in over 250 communities in England encourage, support and challenge young people to become all that they can.

Organisation: YWCA England & Wales
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Info: YWCA is the leading charity working with the most disadvantaged young women in England and Wales
Organisation: YMCA Wales
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Info: YMCA Wales is part of the world wide YMCA movement, operating across the globe. As part of that movement we are also affiliated to the European Alliance of YMCA’s (EAY) and the World Alliance of YMCA’s (WAY). We are also part of an informal grouping known as the “4 Nation”; England , Ireland , Scotland and Wales . The YMCA movement in Wales is currently made up of 29 autonomous bodies. These are our members to whom we are accountable.

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Organisation: STV
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Info: local area info


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