Y Health & Fitness classes are taught by fully qualified teachers in the respective disciplines. Their aim is to help you to get fit and healthy at a pace to suit your needs. Classes are suitable for all ages but if there is nothing in the fitness timetable to suit you why not drop in for a chat or give us a call 01336721382 as we are always looking for new ways to support people to get and keep fit & healthy.


If you are unsure of your fitness level or feel a bit apprehensive about turning up to a class on your own why not  drop in to speak to a teacher at the end of a class or leave your name and number and they will give you a call. Our teachers are very experienced and will advise you on what is best for you.


This is a small gym facility and does not intend to compete with dedicated state of the art fitness centres. However, our gym is about instruction and education. David our Gym Instructor will be happy to assist you in planning a programme to suit your needs and will also show you how to use the equipment effectively and safely.

For further information call in for a chat phone: (01236) 721382.

NB: 'Approved members' may use the gym out with stated class times between 9.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday (may be subject to seasonal changes)


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