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Cumbernauld YMCA have been awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to develop and implement a community led carbon reduction programme within the Cumbernauld area, targeting key themes of energy efficiency and food, to help Cumbernauld become a Low Carbon Community.

There are three projects running as part of our ‘Y’ Climate Challenge project:

Energy Efficiency:

-         We aim to reduce energy consumption within Cumbernauld households, lower energy bills, and

           help save money

-          We will offer home energy visits and energy efficiency workshops open to all

-          We will provide induction packs for young people and young families living independently

Community Food Garden:

-          We aim to grow and cultivate fruit and vegetable within our gardens

-          We will offer fresh produce to our young people, out of school care, and members of the community

-          We aim to educate and help reduce food waste

Community-owned Building:

-          We aim to upgrade and install energy efficiency measures throughout our YMCA premises

-          Our lighting will be updated to LEDs and sensors will be installed

-          Loft and pipe insulation will be upgrade and installed

-          Water and heat efficiency measures will also be introduced

-          Upgrade to double glazing where required

Overall, we aim to become energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

How can I get involved?

We will offer the following free opportunities for people to get involved:

-          Home energy visits

-          Energy efficiency workshops

-          Cookery workshops

-          Gardening group

Look out for our list of dates for workshops and events, and sign-up sheets coming soon.

To learn more about the project or upcoming workshops and events, please contact Natasha: and stay tuned to our social media pages and monthly blogs for updates, and any opportunities for learning and involvement.

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