6 June 2014


On Friday 6th June our Include Me group of young people from S1 and S2 Abronhill and Cumbernauld High Schools embarked upon the latest episode of their programme – a Mystery Tour! As the name suggests, the trip’s details were kept secret from the group until the very last moment (though of course their parents knew well in advance but were superb and steadfast in their vow of secrecy!). The group is involved in a 12 session programme with the Y, covering a range of topics including bullying, drugs and alcohol information, healthy eating, community challenges and developing our community. However, Friday’s trip was not only a big learning experience for participants. It was, as one young person put it “awesome!!” and the reason for this enthusiastic response? The Mystery Tour turned out to be a high power, high velocity speedboat trip down the River Clyde from the Transport Museum to Dumbarton and back. As you can see from the photos “awesome!!” sums it up nicely!

   INCLUDE ME1  Include ME 2 small

include Me 3 small  Include Me 4 small

Include Me 5 Small  Include Me 6 small

include me 7 small




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